How many cups of cappuccino does that cost?

So I was reading this book written by Nora Ephron. She described how she would “amortize” anything that was expensive, into cups of cappuccino, making herself feel better and buy it.

I should point out that I don’t normally use the word “amortize” unless I’m trying to prove that something I can’t really afford is not just a bargain but practically free. This usually involves dividing the cost of the item I can’t afford by the number of years I’m planning to use it, and if that doesn’t work, by the number of days or hours or minutes, until I get to a number that is less than the cost of a cup of cappuccino.

See, that is how people in this world are so different from each other. Whenever I was facing something too pricey that I was not willing to, or even able to pay for–which is almost everything out there, by the way–I would say to myself: “Jesus, that’s pretty a lot cups of cappuccino!” No, sorry, that’s not true. I do not really believe in God, and neither do I drink cappuccino that often. I am a LATTE person. I probably just said:”Crazy world, crazy people whoever are buying it. That is tons of cups of latte, grande ones from Starbucks.”

Now you know why they call me an absolute pessimist.